Construction surveys

Building Survey

Whether the demand is for Planning Approval, Renovation or Demolition, we can offer precise survey drawings of standing buildings and structures from a small barn to large city office blocks or full urban street scenes.

Full Engineering Plans, Elevations and Sections can be provided for existing structures with or without a topographical survey. Typical projects are refurbishment surveys for developers, surrounding elevations for new projects and as-built surveys for Local Authorities.

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Construction surveys

We are a company dedicated to applying a professional approach and attitude in all its business activities.

The wealth of experience and expertise is encouraged and expanded by the commitment to always harness the advances in technology.  This benefits performance, enabling commitments to always be met confidently and safely.

We are dedicated to providing complete customer satisfaction with consistently high standards of service, performance and quality of products. We recognise that our dedication and determination to satisfy our customers provides us all with future security.

Topographical survey

Topographic surveys demand skill, common sense and a working awareness of the construction world. Our surveyors meet all these requirements by being mature and having experience. Often they work closely with engineers and designers to provide helpful and appropriate data and drawings. The implementation of modern robotic equipment lowers cost and makes turnaround time more efficient.

The amount of detail offered is only constrained by the amount the client wants to incorporate but a normal project would integrate the measurement and plotting of all man-made and natural features, contour details and manhole locations.

Typical projects are green-field & brown-field surveys for developers and architects, engineering and road junction surveys for highways departments.

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